About us

Zaibatsu Heavy Industries is a Narrative Technologies Company

The way we tell stories is not keeping pace with the technology we use to tell them. The invention of the camera in 1841 was the cumulation of hundreds of years of optics and chemistry research. Photojournalism followed within a decade, and moving pictures premiered 30 years later. Photography has developed over almost two centuries of experimentation to deposit us with the contemporary state of the art. Despite the wealth of technology surrounding natural text processing, the novel is still the same as it has been for the past 400 years. People are consuming old fashioned stories on platforms suited to grander, more enthralling experiences. It's time to create them.

ZHI is Owned and Operated by Paul Logan

That's me in the middle! I hiked part of the Pacific Crest Trail in 2021, which yielded a bunch of good life experiences, chiefly among them saving a man from falling off a waterfall. Before the PCT, I worked at Slack as a "Developer Content Systems Specialist." I also have two middle names, so "Paul Jeremy Frank Logan, Developer Content Systems Specialist" had a charming-if-not-dense symmetry to it. Incidentally, even though they say not to trust a man with three first names, four is totally fine.

This is My Dog, Oreo

He is an exceptionally good boy. I rescued him in 2022 after my first dog, Pancake, unexpectedly passed. His hobbies include anything that squeaks, wrestling with other dogs, and rolling around in fresh laundry.